Dr Eamon McKeogh – Senior Lecturer at UCC

Dr Eamon McKeogh is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at UCC. He graduated with a BScEng (1974) and a PhD (1978) from Queens University Belfast. He received an MBA from UCC in 1986. He has been involved in research for more than 25 years. His research activities include communications systems for hydropower stations, biofuels, pumped storage, wind energy forecasting. He has managed over 10 EU funded RTD projects. He provided input to the EU Green Paper on Renewable Energy Sources, a consultation document used to prepare the EU White Paper. At national level, positions held included the Vice-chair of the Renewable Energy Strategy Group, Chairman of the Grid Connection Working Group, and Vice-chair of the Technology Foresight Energy Panel. Dr McKeogh is Director of the Sustainable Energy Research Group in UCC. Dr McKeogh teaches on a number of modules and is responsible for modules in the BE(Civil & Environmental), BE(Energy) and the MScEng(Sustainable Energy).

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