Project Schedule

Project Schedule



WP No.Work Package TitleWork Package Description
1WP 1 Project ManagementT.1.1. Design and maintenance of BRIDGE-SMS Website

T.1.2. Coordinate and sign BRIDGE-SMS Consortium Agreement

T.1.3. Publish BRIDGE-SMS Quality Assurance Manual

T.1.4. Publish Interim Report

T.1.5. Publish Final Project Report
2WP 2 Technical ResearchT.2.1. Identification of input bridge and scour data sets

T.2.2. Development of methodologies and tools for Bridge Scour Management System

T.2.3. Development of requirements for Intelligent Decision Support System.
3 WP 3 Development of Bridge Scour Management SystemT.3.1. Development of Inventory Module.

T.3.2. Development of Scour Inspections Module.

T.3.3. Development of Maintenance and Repair Module.

T.3.4. Development of Monitoring and Predictions Module.

T.3.5. Development of Decision Support Module
4WP 4 Knowledge Transfer and TrainingT.4.1. Appointment of Transfer of Knowledge Director

T.4.2 Training Seminar organised by seconded staff in host organisations

T.4.3 On-going training activities and debriefing interviews organized by TOK Director

T.4.4 Organization of internal workshops at key dates upon completion of significant phases of project

T.4.5 Develop sample pilot as a means to educate and train staff-simulator training. The number, type, location of bridges to use as a demo and the functionality of system needs to be determined.

T.4.6 Testing and Operation of Pilot

T.4.7 Pilot reviews
5WP 5 Dissemination and CommercialisationT.5.1. Protect all IP developed during the BRIDGES-SMS project

T.5.2. Dissemination of the BRIDGES-SMS objectives and results to various stakeholders and audiences.

T.5.3. Contribution towards the development of new standards for the surveying and management of bridge over waterway structures.

T.5.4. Develop an exploitation plan to ensure a high impact for all project results.